5 free ebooks, for 5 days

In honor of Miss Corona, some of our e-books will be free on Amazon, from April 13 – April 17. Sorry we can’t make it longer.




A little girl’s visit to Meher Center,

illustrated fully with knitted pictures.








How to make your own personal set of cards

and how to use them to get guidance from God.











A collections of Baba talks within my heart.









3 little stories

one about death and reincarnation,

one about fear,

and a short poem about God.

Illustrated with knit pictures with a technique made specially for this book,

and with photos.



Our latest book, a fiction about a Vulturet looking for love in a dating game TV show.

Will she find Love?

Will anybody else find love?

Oh, the drama of it all!




Have fun, and stay healthy 🙂