Our book, “Vulturet Season 14”

So, this isn’t a knit entry.

Husband & I wrote another book, a light romantic fiction. It’s a novella, in the style of The Bachelorette TV shows. We enjoyed writing it and still work on editing, but because of the Corona situation we decided to upload it on youtube, so everybody can listen to it for free. Our quality is not great, but we do our best. We record one chapter a day, and the reading will be done just before the new show will start.

If you are interested in watching it:

The channel name is Tootsy

The first chapter is here

We hope you will enjoy it, and please pass it forward















If you are like me, you have a lot of little knit pieces – experiments, studies, pieces that sis not go well or that I decided to stop in the middle. All that & more went into the quilt above. Then it was so much fun that I went on to do another one.

In truth – I have plenty left for 1-2 more. Below is my second one:



Meher Baba’s Car

In lower Meherabad, India, there is a blue car in the middle of a field. It used to carry Meher Baba. Now, it’s resting.

This picture was on my ‘to knit’ list for many years. I am happy I finally did it, and it always pleases my heart with it child-like quality.


The ‘Real I’ scarf in black & white

This is another knit I wanted to do for a long time. So I am going through my ‘bucket knit list’.
It’s double knit, from neck down, then picked up the sts and double knit the other side.

The image is Meher Baba’s hand writing of the word “I”.

Size: approx. 30 sts, 9.5” wide.





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Some of my best friends

‘Some of my best friends’ is a new series of trees at Meher Spiritual Center. All the trees there are gorgeous and intriguing, but these are trees that I don’t just see on passing, but actively look for.
Some of them – like some of my best friends, have died.

The knittings are not accurate to reality, and mostly were knit without a chart. They are based on drawings, and the feelings I got from these trees.


This first one I call ‘The Greeter’. It stands right at the gate, small and humble, with a little heart shape cavity.

Somehow it reminded me of the row of little white hearts on the floor between Baba and Mehera’s tomb, so I added the colorful hearts at the base.



The tree at the cross road, with a little mushroom at it’s base:


This small long leaf pine tree died in the last storm:


The golden tree, on the way from the gateway to the main parking lot, is not there anymore. It was beautiful, and right by the roadside. It’s leaves were golden, probably because it was dead for a while, but very beautiful.

I knitted it twice. This is a big curtain/baby blanket size:

and a very small version, about 10×10″:


The “Dancing Trees” are on the way to the beach, by Gator Lake, and I am always enchanted by them:




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Metered vest / ruana

These are a continuation of the Lx4 sweaters, but without the sleeves.

Knitted in one piece, starting with the neck/front border, which creates kind of Indian collar.

I left the sides open – like a ruana, even though it is not as big as ruanas are.

It’s fun on, but does not have the wonderful drapes that the Lx4 sweaters have.

First I did the brown:

Then the pink one, inspired by Iris blooms:






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Lx4 knit sweater

I love knitting these. The principle is similar to my EZ socks:

dec from shoulder to armpit for half the front,

inc for half the back,

bo while attaching the sleeve (leave room for the neck),

co to make it a full L again, and repeat the above for the other side.

It may sound complicated, but it’s just fun. It’s like 4 L pieces attached together to make the sweater.

A variation with short rows for shaping the sleeves:

I love how they fit:



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“Mehera’s” is what I call this style of scarves:

They are knit double stranded with one variegated and one very soft yarn,

needles # US 13, with 18 or 20 or 22 sts, in rib 1:1,

and knit one below, which makes them wonderful and soft.

It takes a little planing in advance (to learn more look at Laura Bryant about yarn repetitions),

but after that it’s just knit and see what the yarn is doing.


* Apologies for any hideous advertisement that may be added below – I’m really sorry!