Birdbath wall-hanging

If you ever been to Meher Spiritual Center’s library, you probably noticed the birdbath – a piece of beautiful wood, hefty concrete ‘bath’, and a little more of the supporting wood climbing on top.

Line drawing on the needles isn’t easy. It reminds of ‘The British Baking show’, when the judge told the baker that if he bakes something simple – it must be spot on good. Same with line drawing – being simple, it shows every little problem, that a very colorful picture doesn’t.
Still, I attempt it from time to time, when it’s a picture I really want to do.

Free Blanky Patterns

These 3 patterns of Friendship blanky will be available for free until August 7th.

They can be knit (instructions written & charted),

or crochet (instructions not included, substitute stitches to single crochet).

You can easily make them into a shawl or a pillow.

In the “A matter of interpretation” pattern, you will color the chart in the way you wish to knit it, test by knitting a small block, then knit it in one piece. It may look like this:

or like this:

“Friendship Blanky blocks” pattern is knit as single blocks then sewn together. It is meant for a little fun when you are traveling etc.

The ‘Friendship Blankey, Textured” pattern is done in one piece and single color:

Enjoy 🙂