Cover it up! a pot/pan cover

A free and easy pattern for pot/pan cover. I use it all the time, to keep the food hot and to let it finish cooking after the stove is turned off.
Itโ€™s a great gift for yourself, and a wonderful Christmas gift for anybody else.

Easy 2-3 hours project (a wedge is about 15-20 min), and less than one ball of Suagar-n-Cream or similar is enough.

Do not be intimidated by the short rows – in this pattern there is no need to wrap etc, just turn the needles and knit back. The gap created by the short row will help you know where your next short row should be. It makes life easier when being interrupted in the middle.

Simple instructions for a crochet version are also included.

For safety reasons yarn must be 100% cotton, and always make sure to turn the stove OFF before covering the pot/pan.

Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Pattern is available HERE.

Free E-Books, till tomorrow night

For Crazy Corona, we managed to put 5 of our books up for free as ebooks,

LINK here.

2 of them are illustrated with knitted picture:

‘The First Time I Saw The Ocean‘ has so many knit pictures, it can almost be a catalog of my knits,

‘Mixed Tapestry’ has 7 pictures in a technique developed specially for this book, where the same 7 yarns are used for background and image. It’s basically 3 yarns technique twice, with a yarn in between (the 7th yarn).

We also made a recording of our novella ‘The Vulturet, Season 14’ as a silly youtube. It’s a PG romantic comedy. Link.

Stay sane & healthy


5 free ebooks, for 5 days

In honor of Miss Corona, some of our e-books will be free on Amazon, from April 13 – April 17. Sorry we can’t make it longer.




A little girl’s visit to Meher Center,

illustrated fully with knitted pictures.








How to make your own personal set of cards

and how to use them to get guidance from God.











A collections of Baba talks within my heart.









3 little stories

one about death and reincarnation,

one about fear,

and a short poem about God.

Illustrated with knit pictures with a technique made specially for this book,

and with photos.



Our latest book, a fiction about a Vulturet looking for love in a dating game TV show.

Will she find Love?

Will anybody else find love?

Oh, the drama of it all!




Have fun, and stay healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

Our book, “Vulturet Season 14”

So, this isn’t a knit entry.

Husband & I wrote another book, a light romantic fiction. It’s a novella, in the style of The Bachelorette TV shows. We enjoyed writing it and still work on editing, but because of the Corona situation we decided to upload it on youtube, so everybody can listen to it for free. Our quality is not great, but we do our best. We record one chapter a day, and the reading will be done just before the new show will start.

If you are interested in watching it:

The channel name is Tootsy

The first chapter is here

We hope you will enjoy it, and please pass it forward















If you are like me, you have a lot of little knit pieces – experiments, studies, pieces that sis not go well or that I decided to stop in the middle. All that & more went into the quilt above. Then it was so much fun that I went on to do another one.

In truth – I have plenty left for 1-2 more. Below is my second one:



Meher Baba’s Car

In lower Meherabad, India, there is a blue car in the middle of a field. It used to carry Meher Baba. Now, it’s resting.

This picture was on my ‘to knit’ list for many years. I am happy I finally did it, and it always pleases my heart with it child-like quality.


The ‘Real I’ scarf in black & white

This is another knit I wanted to do for a long time. So I am going through my โ€˜bucket knit listโ€™.
Itโ€™s double knit, from neck down, then picked up the sts and double knit the other side.

The image is Meher Baba’s hand writing of the word “I”.

Size: approx. 30 sts, 9.5โ€ wide.





* Apologies for the advertisement below.