Cover it up! a pot/pan cover

A free and easy pattern for pot/pan cover. I use it all the time, to keep the food hot and to let it finish cooking after the stove is turned off.
It’s a great gift for yourself, and a wonderful Christmas gift for anybody else.

Easy 2-3 hours project (a wedge is about 15-20 min), and less than one ball of Suagar-n-Cream or similar is enough.

Do not be intimidated by the short rows – in this pattern there is no need to wrap etc, just turn the needles and knit back. The gap created by the short row will help you know where your next short row should be. It makes life easier when being interrupted in the middle.

Simple instructions for a crochet version are also included.

For safety reasons yarn must be 100% cotton, and always make sure to turn the stove OFF before covering the pot/pan.

Have fun 🙂

Pattern is available HERE.

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