Meher Baba’s Signature

Knitting is like a study, and I always learn a lot and notice things I did not see before. Working on Baba’s signature I noticed that it’s made of 7 letters, that it’s wild, and that He signs in different ways, sometimes just writing MSI. For me His hand writing is like a drawing: I love how it cuts the space, how it divides a paper, rearranging it into different shapes that comes together to a whole. And often, knitting it just once is not enough and I knit it again to understand it better and get a more true feeling of it.

Knit wise, the b&w is knit regularly in That gave it a pixle feeling which I both liked and was unhappy with. So I accentuated that feeling by mounting it on a black foam board (that shows through the knit sts), and knitted it again. This time I used inc & dec to keep the signature line unbroken. It’s still very far from giving the beautiful flaw and preciseness of Baba’s signature.

Another little Baba story about it is that when I came to knitting it I thought I’ll use the signature from ‘In God’s hand’, but felt Baba was saying “No. Use one from Rano Gayley book”. Fear gripped my heart (to be dramatic, but it’s true…) – I was sure there is no signature of Baba there. I opened Rano’s book. There was no signature in the beginning of it, but in the sketches for the 10 circle chart, there were many signatures of Baba, approving certain images for the chart. Again I got worried – some of these signatures were really wild, or just 3 letters. But Baba, so mercifully, choose a ‘readable’ one (approving her sketch of African native).

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