Hearts, Valentine, Love and – freezing cold. That about sums up what’s going on here. I hope it is warmer in your corner of the universe.

Started this blanket (and a similar scarf) about 2 month ago. The pattern is ready. The principle is – move the blues to the left on a RS row, move pinks to the left on WS row, which will move them to the right on the RS. This will create more movement and dinamity,  make it much easier to knit and keep the back tidy:

Moving yarns this way is a key ingredient to making picture knitting easy.

The pattern is available here: http://www.pictureknitting.com/blankets.html . It has 2 charts of 7×7 hearts drawing (49 total), can be used in any way you choose – make into a prayer shawl, a scarf, coasters, hot pads etc. The squares are of 15sts and 20 rows.

This is a little part of the heart scarf (it’s more than half done by now):

Another pattern to come soon is this hat scarf thingy, that I had to pull out for my defense from the chilly freezy:

Happy knitting.