My recent pattern is up! And I am all excited and happy about it. There are still patterns to come out of it, but that will have to wait.


This pattern is an ‘all purpose’ pattern, and it works well for:

A Cowl – medium # of sts (medium height), and knit enough to cover the neck.
A Scarf – use less sts, and knit on and on…
A Shawl – CO enough sts for the height you need (depending on the person’s size).
Shawlette – which makes a great skirt too.

and a Hat.
The difference will be in the number of sts, but the same pattern works for all.

Patterns enclosed:
A general/all gauge pattern.
Example of 2 color version for 25 sts.
Example of 3 colors version for 25 sts.

Yarn and needle size are not specified.
To start, decide what you wish to knit, and how tall you want it to be. This will be your CO line (the CO will be the height of the hat/cowl/scarf…), and the number of rows you knit will give the width of the garment).
Then choose your yarn & needles.

Gauge does not have to be perfect. You can knit a gauge piece, or:

  1. Estimate how many sts you need, based on the info from the yarn wrap or previous knits you did with similar yarn & needles.
  2. Start knitting, and check the size after knitting a few rows. Redo if needed.

What if you run out of yarn? Fun. Change to a different yarn… It will make it into a more interesting and artistic garment.

Hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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