Meandering randomness

This is an experiment in taking decisions and seeing how they effect the pattern. In the pink washcloth the decisions were: do all white as double crochet, light pink as half double, and pink as single crochet (I hope my crochet terms are right, you can click on the image to see a larger photos). So that decision and the self changing yarn determine the amoeba shape of the piece. It is still work in progress, but something already came out of it:


Here I took decisions that determine the colors but nor the shape. The shape started as an experiment in making a double knit hat with the Sahavas pattern (in my books ‘Color & Picture Knitting’ and ‘Knitting with Baba’, and soon as an independent pattern too). The decisions were to always knit the pink on one side, so the other side is ‘pink free’. And to give second priority to light colors on that side and blues on the other. It was much fun to knit.

If you wonder what happened to the hat – husband and I are watching too many Jane Austen. Instead of Sahavas hat it became an Elizabeth bonnet. But more about that in another post.