Child-Like Naivety

Sometimes I am drown to knitting a certain picture, without fully understanding what it is about. This was the case with these 3 pieces. I started ‘Meherazad flowers’ soon after coming back from India. The original photo is a mass of tangled vines, and it took long time to finish.

At the meantime I woke up one day with the image of this shawl in my head – birds and grass, colors, design and even border included. So – naturally, I had to knit it!

And then, for my friend’s birthday, I knitted her a shawl. My friend wear browns and greens, and she was very close with Arlene Sterns who passed away recently. I can not even start describing Arlene and her spiritual work (a book of her life stories is available at Sheriar Press), but I can say this: Arlene had child-like joy and trust in God and in His goodness, child-like innocence and purity of heart. She loved pastels pinks blues and greens.

But all this came up later. It was only after I finished ‘Meherazad flowers’ (after the birds and ‘Arlene’s shawl’ were done), that I realized it was talking about innocence. About trusting God that the rain will come in time, and that He truly loves and cares for all our needs. And it was only after I decided to write it all in the blog that I finally understood how ‘Arlene’s shawl’ is connected to all this. Before hand – I thought I wanted to include it just because of the colors.

I guess sometimes my intuition is way ahead of me.


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